17" porsche twists. polished lip, adapter friendly offset

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17" porsche twists. polished lip, adapter friendly offset

Post  lewis1641 on Sat Feb 05, 2011 3:18 pm

howdy folks. got a set of 17" porsche ywists to shift,. fronts are 7.5x17, rears are 9. offsets are all around et50(think fronts are 48 and rears 52 but will confirm)

there is zero kerbing on these and the lips have been polished by our very own kai. the whole wheel has then been lacquered.

they are not perfect but they are pretty good 8/10 i'd say. looking for £400

i am soon taking another set of these so could offer 4 9 inch wide ones as a set, then i can keep a set of fronts for my mk2 if anyone is more interested in wider wheels.

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